Hi guys, we’re back with a band from Milan, Italy called Total Recall. This band is comprised and influenced by hardcore and metal sounds. They were already and long enough on the scene in Milan, Italy before deciding to set up a band they called Total Recall. So, here we go again we were with Jasz in his casual interview session. Let’s follow and read their conversation.

How’s the band going?
Considering the surreal situation we are living we are doing pretty ok. In our home country and home region we are forbidden to exit the house since 2 months so…yes let’s say it’s pretty surreal.
How did you guys meet?
We all go way back. We know each other since more than 10 years, some of us more than 20 years. After playing in different bands and crossing ourselves on different tours when we all relocated in Italy and especially in Milano we just kind of got in touch again.
When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?
We formed TOTAL RECALL in March 2019. The inspiration to play music together was the loss of our good friend Massy (former K-again, Traces of You and Embrace Destruction bass player) in January 2019. Massy always wanted Stef and Pigo to come back playing together in a band and so they did; together with the drummer Danny who played drums also in EMBRACE DESTRUCTION. We decided to have a band to honor Massy’s memory and formed only by musician who played or toured with him. That’s why shortly after we recluted Andy and Bleed who both played in RISE ABOVE DEAD and toured with Massy over the years.
Who are your biggest influences?
Difficult to say. We all listen to a wide large variety of music which includes also non metal acts. Coming from the 90’s for sure our main influences are to be found in metal and subgenres, hardcore and heavy metallic hardcore, numetal and post hardcore.
Are you fully committed to blowing your audience away every time you perform regardless of where you are and how many people are there?
We are from a generation where what you just said was pretty much the standard. We are used to gain respect show after show, one kid at the time.
What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on gig/concert?
Some of us toured for over 20 years both support and headline tours. It would be really too difficult to name one single thing. Let’s just say that we saw ALLOT of crazy things and we are glad we are still alive to remember them. Literally speaking ……
What are your favorite venues?
Some of us toured both in small and big venues, but we think the best venues are the ones that allow a connection with the crowd. Stage or no stage, we consider a great venue a place where we can fisically touch the crowd and have a direct contact with the kids who are watching our show.
Do you regularly get into the studio?
We would say totally yes. If we put together the number of demos, Ep’s and albums we recorded considering all the bands we played with this number would be quiet high. We come from the 90’s generation and so we grew with the purpose of recording demos or albums anytime we had the chance to do it. Back then Internet was not a commodity like today. If you wanted to be heard you needed to have a demotape in your pocket at all time to pass it through anytime you had the chance to do it.
Is your band at the top of your priority list?
Yes it is. Especially considering the meaning this band has. We do what we do to honor the memory of our brother.
Are you satisfied with the outcome of your song and what are the next plans?
When we formed the band last March we passed 8 months in the studio writing all the songs from scratch and with a common effort. Being in the scene for so long we were sure that if a song was ok we would have felt it. And it went exactly like this. It was a long process the songwriting, but we are extremely satisfied with what came out of it. After releasing our debut EP WOODEN SCARS we entered the studio to record our first album ALWAYS TOGETHER. Now we are focusing on getting ready to promote it the best we can and we want to make sure that our music will reach the most people we can over the globe. When this madness will be over we are planning to play the most sohws possible to support the album, starting from Europe and then we will see. This is the only way we know to get our message across. As we said we come from a different generation.

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
Our singer Andy wrote most of the songs with the help of our bass player Pigo who wrote the title album song ALWAYS TOGETHER which is about Massy. The main topics in our songs come from Andy’s most extreme and dark side. Mostly our songs talk about the most hateful side of our world and what has become of it as a result of money and power placed in the wrong elitarian hands.
What inspired (writing lyrics and song title)?
Andy generally writes the lyrics drawing on the themes above mentioned but he hates to give them titles. It’s usually our bass player Pigo who picks up Andy’s lyrics and comes up with the song title.
Do you get nervous before a performance?
Belive it or not but we still didn’t play our first show. We formed just last March and we decided not to go public before we had some material ready and done. We entered the social media in January 2020, 10 days before releasing Wooden Scars. Before that nobody even knew we existed. Our first shows were planned for April 10th – 11th and then May and so on. But the COVID virus had other plans so we were forced to postpone all of our shows. Anyhow as we said earlier we have all a pretty solid live experience so we do not really get nervous before a gig. This does not mean that we don’t get allot of adrenaline the very minute the intro starts and we enter the stage. This happens all the time and for the next 30 minutes we convert this adrenaline in pure energy on stage that most of the time connects with the crowd as well. A feeling that is better than sex…or maybe not J ?
What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?
It’s perfectly normal so don’t panic. Never try to visualize how a show should go, cause most of the time ain’t gonna happen as you thought. You need to clear your mind and focus on why you are there in that dressing room ready to go on stage. Why you wanted to do it and the amount of work you put to be able to be there. Don’t mind the crowd and don’t mind if you will be liked or not. You are there cause you wanted to be there and in the end of the day don’t listen to all the bullshit you read on the papers cause is all mainstream crap. You are there FOR YOU and for YOURSELF. You are about to share a piece of your spirit with other souls and that’s a thing that not allot of people will be able to say they were able to achieve. It will get better show after show, and year after year, so you won’t be nervous anymore…but if you don’t feel that same adrenaline you felt at your first show….you better quit cause you know it’s finished.
Any advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Ask yourself why you want to do it. Be in a band is terapeutic in a way but I its also not so easy. You will depend on other individuals and even if you think you know them cause they are your friends, once you try to make music together you will understand that is not as easy as you thought it would be.
Focus on the reasons…the real reasons for you to start a band. If it’s to get rich and famous or just popular you will remain soon disappointed.
Focus on your music and on what you want express and always ask yourself “why I want to be in a band?”
What’s your ultimate direction for your band?
Keep making music we like and that we think Massy would have been proud of. As simple as that.
I saw this “Five guys who play low tuned heavy music to honor the memory of a lost friend” on your social media bio, can you share something about this phrase?
As we said earlier in this interview this band is a tribute to the memory of our lost friend Massy. An incredibly talented bass player who could easily become a professional, a session man or anything like that, but instead he remained true to his ideas and he always played the music he wanted to play with the passion and the determination of the very first day over the 25 and more years of his career. We were lucky enough to share this adventure with him, some of us for more than 20 years and we will keep his legacy alive with TOTAL RECALL.
How do you balance your music with other obligations like mate, children, job?
It’s not always easy. Most of us has families and kids and dayjobs. But when you have a true passion for what you do and the right experience you will always find the way to reach the right balance. We include our families in what we do. Pigo’s kids were singing the backvocals in the album for example.
Does Asia become an optional destination in the future?
We absolutely hope so. EMBRACE DESTRUCTION (Pigo, Danny and Massy RIP last band) were published in Indonesia via TARUNG RECORDS and they were invited to tour there many times but never had the chance to go there. We hope to be able to get there. We are still shopping the album to labels and we hope to close a deal with a label able to promote us over there. Would be a great vacation for our families as well.
Any words to the Onlinefm readers & listener and especially the other bands as well as music supporters out there?
Keep supporting the music you like especially if its underground. Remember that there is no mainstream without underground music. To all the bands try to put aside stupid jealousy and embrace only positive and healthy competition and be supportive with other bands cause nobody is gonna help you out there unless you don’t help eachother.
To all the kids out there we thank you if you listened to our music or if you show any kind of interest in what we do. Wherever you are we hope to see you one day from the stage.
Embrace the 0134 state of mind and all the best to you all from TOTAL RECALL HC.

So that’s what they were talking about, anyway we wanted to highlight the release of their EP Wooden Scars. All information related to this EP can viewed on the status of their social media Total Recall HC.

Not forgotten, we would like to thank to Total Recall family for sharing their stories with us and their EP will definitely on our online radio playlist.
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